Enhance Your Special Event With An On-Site ATM

Cash is important. Even in today's digital world, people still rely on cash to perform many of their transactions. If you're planning a special event, be it a carnival or fundraiser, consider the idea of bringing an ATM on site. No matter the size of your event, an ATM rental company can help you with this need. Discover how an ATM can help your event.

Safe Spenders

As technology has advanced, hackers and other criminals have found ways to use these advancements to their advantage. For this reason, many people aren't comfortable swiping their card each time they make a purchase, especially if it's with a company they aren't familiar with. With an ATM at your event, you give those safe spenders an opportunity to get cash for their purchases. For people within this category, access to cash is the difference between making a sale and not. 

Spending Power

A person can only spend the amount of money they have on hand. If you don't offer credit card purchases and a person only has $20 on hand, that amount is their limit. When you have an ATM at your event, you get to boost the spending power of the people that attend the event. If you're hosting a fundraiser or some other event where the goal is to get people to spend as much as possible, the increased spending power is always helpful. 

Operating Costs

Offering credit card surfaces is not exactly a cheap offering. To set up the services, you have to create an account, purchase a special reader, and ensure you have a reliable network setup to transmit the card data across. If you try to set this up for multiple areas, the cost can quickly increase. With an on-site ATM, you avoid the extra cost. You only pay for the cost of the rental.

Vendor Options

If the event is open to a variety of vendors, it's important to remember that each vendor may not have access to the same technology. For this reason, a vendor that does not accept credit card payments may be less inclined to sign up as a vendor. However, you can attract more vendors with an ATM rental. For the vendors that don't accept credit cards, they will still have confidence they can meet their sales goals with an ATM nearby.

An on-site ATM can take your event to the next level. Contact a rental company like Maritech ATM Solutions to discuss your needs and book a request for your appointment today.